Saturday, 3 June 2017

How To Watermark Your Photos Using PicsArt App

Recently, I had an issue with a female blogger which I will not reveal her name, she took one of my images, removed the watermark and posted it on her blog, In other to prevent such to happen again, I learnt the best way to watermark photos and stop people from stealing them.
Other bloggers and website owners keeps taking your photos without properly crediting you and you feel bad about it? Worry, no more as today, I will be sharing with you a simple way to watermark your photos.

Ever since, I started using this method to watermark my photos, other bloggers do copy me without crediting me but I don't bother again as my blog name is written clearly on the photos and someone don't need to tell you before you know that the photos were lifted from my blog.

With PicsArt on your android phone, you can easily watermark your photos and use them in your blog posts, photos you can watermark are those photos you took using your phone camera or eyewitnesses sent to you not that you go online and pick images and start putting watermarks on them.

Now go to Google Play Store and install PicsArt.

Launch it, you will see and click on the + icon as seen below.

Click on "Edit" to choose a picture and make some changes to it, "Collage" to make photo collage, "Draw" to draw on your photos and "Camera" to use your phone camera to snap and make changes to it. But for the purpose of this tutorial, let's use the "Edit" feature.
After clicking on "Edit", pictures in your Gallery will pop up, choose a photo you wish to work on.

For this tutorial, we will be using this photo below...
Now to watermark the photo, slide left and Click on "Add Photo" and choose a photo you wish to use. Or click on ''Text'' to use text if you don't have a good transparent design for watermark.
You can add or reduce the Opacity of the image you're using as watermark, crop it, move it up and down or make more changes to it.
When you are done, save your changes,
And finally save your work by clicking on Gallery.
That's how to watermark your photos using Picsart, I hope you find the tutorial useful?

Please, I will love to hear from you, comment below and remember to subscribe to the blog to always get my blog updates straight in your mailbox once I publish a new post.
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Monday, 27 February 2017

Gtbank Introduces Personalized Pin For *737# Mobile Transactions

You can now confirm your Gtbank mobile banking transactions on the *737# code using a personalized pin.

Just dial *737*5#, input the last 6 digit on your Debit card, then input your 4 digit pin.

That's all, you don't have to be worried when you're not with your debit card and you want to perform a mobile transaction.

The PIN is more secured compared to the last  four digits on your Debit card as anyone can carry your debit card and confirm any transaction on your mobile device.

I hope this helps? Use the share buttons....don't copy and paste.
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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Difference Between Ponzi Scheme And Network Marketing

The truth is both Ponzi and Network Marketing are Pyramid Schemes.

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

A Pyramid Scheme is a business model which involves one person recruiting two or more persons and those persons recruiting more people under the promise of bonuses and commission.
A Ponzi Scheme  has a pyramidal structure without any Products or Services while Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing also has a pyramidal structure but with Products or Services.

Similarities between them is that to Sign up or Join the platform, you have to pay a particular sum of money and you also need to recruit people to get to another level.

As a marketer who wants to advertise products/services for a company or bring in more people, I see no reason why I should be the one to pay before working for or with them.

In both Business Model from my observation, Only about 90% are successful and the source of their money  is from the newly recruited ones and those who are not able to recruit at all.

The 90% are the ones you see driving exotic cars,Going on Holidays abroad, Building mansions etc.

Most of them don't even buy the products or use them at all.

This is called paying Peter with Paul's money.

MLM disguises under sales of products but I can categorically tell you that when you get into the system you can only survive by recruiting people.

MLM and Ponzi is also full of deceit as they promise you Heaven and Earth under the pretence of wanting to change the story of your life but at the end of the day you would realise you are only wasting your precious time, money and energy.

If any of them tells you, you don't need to recruit, my dear, run for your life.

Most MLM Company's sells health products and in as much as some of this products work, they are way too expensive.

The time you waste on both business models could be channeled into your personal Brand.

I know of other Good Networks sha oh.

Examples are Computer Network, Road Network, Plumbing Network, Electric Network, Network of Friends and Families, Business Network etc.

Stop looking for fast money. Go and learn a skill, offer services, get a job, or go into trading.


Written by Buhari Oyeleke Abdul-Raheem, He is the CEO Mubdah Technologies, the funding company of Fashioniyah and other E-commerce brands.
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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

My Free Domain Giveway

After the #DomainkingNGRocks contest winners were announced, I promised that I will be given out a domain name to one of my friends on Facebook that supported me very well during the contest and was in need of a domain name to take his or her blogging journey to the next level.
See the post below...

Well, I have concluded my findings, You all know I can't reward everybody that supported me during the contest so I will choose just one among many that were behind me during the contest.

The 100% cashback is N5000 only, I received the sum in my Domainking account on Monday, so I will be using it buy a dot com domain for the lucky winner this week.

It's no other person but my friend on Facebook by the name Odey Odey, I wanted to buy a domain name for him since last year when I noticed his hard work but could not due to some issues I was having.

I will buy the domain and help him to integrate it on his Blogger Blog free of charge for him.

If you were expecting this from me and I didn't choose you, Please don't loose hope, continue working hard, I might just notice you one day and buy a domain for you too.

And keep visiting my blog or my entertainment blog as I have many freebies coming your way this year.

Happy New Year friends!
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#DomainkingNGRocks: I Won 100% Cashback

The #DomainkingNGRocks contest officially ended on the 25th of December 2016 with the winners announced on 28th, December 2016.

Like I explained in this post, many of you supported me while others choose not to even though it required just likes and shares on facebook and other social media platforms for me to win.
The 100% cashback is 5000 and I received the funds in my Domainking account on Monday.

Thank you all for supporting me, let's make 2017 a better year for us all.

You can see the full list of winners on Domainking Blog.
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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

How To Block Apps Notifications On Android Phone

Many phone users don't like it when they switch on their data and all the apps on their phones starts bringing up notifications from everywhere.

There is a way to stop this notifications, today i will share a simple way with you on how to stop the notifications.

Below is how I did it on my Infinix Hot 4, it might vary from phone to phone, just follow me as I take you through the tutorial.

1. Go to Settings, then Sound and Notifications.

2. Notifications
3. Apps Notifications

4. And click on the app you wish to stop the notifications from, here I clicked on BBM. And select the button to block all notifications from BBM.
You can come here to block the notifications from all your apps and also unblock them.

I hope this helps, share it with your friends.

Thanks for reading my blog, please share with your friends.
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Monday, 12 December 2016

My Experience With

Today, I will be sharing my experience with, the domain registrar I buy all my domains from.

Before I proceed, let's know what Domainking is all about. Domainking is the world leading domain registrar accredited with Asian and African registries to sell domains ranging from .com, ng, .info, .biz, extensions.

Domainking does not only sell domains, they are also into Web Hosting and Wordpress Blog Hosting, Domainking started business in Nigeria late 2014 and to create awareness about their brand, they gave bloggers and website designers the opportunity to buy .com domains for N499 for a period of two months.

It was during this .com domain for N499 promo that I came about Domainking on Ogbongeblog, I quickly rushed and bought at that rate and I linked it to my entertainment blog.

That was the beginning of my good time with Domainking, after my first domain with them a female blogger and a close friend contacted me to buy a domain for her I still bought it on Domainking due to their service and good customer relationship am enjoying.

As a company that holds it's customer with high esteem, at the beginning of 2015 Domainking organised a contest for bloggers which was tagged ''DomainKing.NG Lucky Blogger Contest'', I participated in the contest and I won the third prize which I announced on my blog here.

Below are the things that got me attracted to

1. Timely customer service: There is not time that you will contact Domainking customer service that they will let you down, for this reason i rate them high.

2. Payment method: Due to the unsteady dollar exchange rate, offers its customers the option of paying in Naira by using their Naira debit cards, bank transfer or bank deposit, features some Nigerian registrars have not adopted.

3.  Domain redirecting: Domainking have also helped me by redirecting my domain to my blog when i could not do it by myself, its very rare for a registrar to do this.

4. Free custom emails: Every domain purchase on comes with two free custom emails.

For your domains and Web Hosting, I recommend

Do you use Domainking, what's your experience with them?  Share with me. 
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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Register A Domain From N499 And Win N250,000 In The #DomainKingNGRocks Contest

Are you a Nigerian blogger, webmaster or an internet marketer? Here is an opportunity for you to win big in the #DomainKingNGRocks contest, a contest organized by Nigeria's leading domain registrar,

As a Domain registrar that cares for its customers, Domainking will be hugely rewarding it's customers this season with a cash prize of N250,000 and other consolation prizes.

Promotion is currently going on on DomainKing website now that allows you to buy domains from N499, so you don't have to break the bank to participate in this contest.

1st PRIZE ₦100K
The winner of the 1st prize will receive the Cash reward of ₦100,000

2nd PRIZE ₦60K
The winner of the 2nd prize will receive the Cash reward of ₦60,000

The winner of the 3rd prize will receive the Cash reward of ₦25,000

10 lucky customers will get upto 100% Cash Backs on the purchases they had made.

Domainking will be announcing the names of the lucky winners on 22nd December 2016 . Any purchase of Domain or hosting service will enter you in the lucky draw to win. So the more you buy during the promotion period, the more chances you have to win! Do keep your eyes on Domainking social media pages for regular updates regarding the giveaways and DomainKing.NG Rocks contest.

How to enter for the Contest.

STEP 1: Buy/Renew Any Service

You can either buy a new Domain name / hosting plan or pay any of your previous invoices to DomainKing.NG before 18th December 2016. Choose your option:

STEP 2: Like Domainking

Don't forget to like & follow Domainking on Social Media so that you will not miss their updates.

STEP 3: Share Your Experience

You need to share this offer on Facebook and Twitter with #DomainKingNGRocks in your posts.

STEP 4: 4. Mention DomainKing Rocks contest on your Blog post, Facebook post & Twitter post.
Eg: "I got my domain _____________ from DomainKing.NG. #DomainKingNGRocks
I am participating in DomainKing.NG Rocks Contest to Win N250,000. Wish Me Luck!Even you can WIN. Enter here:"

This contest will end on the 18th of December 2016 and winners will be announced on 22nd December 2016. So hurry and participate now.

Go to to read more about the contest.

I am also contesting in it, kindly go to my Facebook timeline, like and share all my posts with #DomainKingNGRocks for me to win.

Thanks for reading.
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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Facebook Unveils 7th Data Center, To Be Powered By Renewable Energy

Los Lunas Data Center
Facebook 7th data center was unveiled yesterday in New Mexico USA, it will be powered by renewable energy.

Facebook CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg announced this in a post he made on his Facebook page.

He said:

I'm excited to share that Facebook's 7th data center -- powered by 100% renewable energy -- will be in Los Lunas, New Mexico here in the United States.

Data centers deliver all of Facebook's services to you. They're some of the most complex machines ever created. The Los Lunas Data Center will be one of the most advanced and energy-efficient data centers in the world.

We're glad to be investing in New Mexico, to become part of the Los Lunas community, and to continue building the massive infrastructure that connects our global community.

Facebook data center houses thousands of computer servers, which are networked together and linked to the outside world through fiber optic cables. Every time you share information on Facebook, the servers in these data centers receive the information and distribute it to your network of friends.

Facebook first data center is located in Prineville, Oregon.
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Sunday, 11 September 2016

How Pastors Can Increase Their Income In The Current Economic Recession By Blogging

Today on my blog, I will be sharing with you how you as a pastor or an aspiring one can start a blog and make money from it during this time of economic recession.

You will learn how to title your post, monetize it and promote it on Social media.

Follow me below...

Due to the massive retrenchment in the country and economic recession still looming, it is pertinent to a conclusion that church goers are also getting a bite of the dwindling economic.

In view of this, their financial quota to the church may decline. Hence, the income of the pastor may have ascending hindrance

How can this new development be managed to negate the current alarming state of the country?

Well, the solution still remains diversification of income.

For example, a pastor with physical 3000 members can turn them into 3000 online active members.  

What do I mean?

1. Create a church blog or personal blog eg Remember content is the key.

2. You already have the traffic, Get an adsense account, Place on the blog. Most pastors have psychological intelligence.

READ ALSO: How Google Adsense Approved Me With Just 8 Blog Posts

3. They want people want to hear, For example, jambite need admission Unemployed needs jobs, frustrated single ladies need a husband, A sick man need good health. Many people want to be rich either by miracle or otherwise.

4. So the blog content should be in the format below.

1st Blog post: 2016 a year of unprecedented riches - Claim it here

After that, the post can have all the jargons with relevant keep words

2nd Post title: Reasons why you are still single - God's revelation

3rd Post title: Your Jamb reg number will be your admission number - claim it here.

Just those type of titles and then your content are theologically fit.

After that, on Sunday or midweek service, Announce the launch of your blog.

Tell your congregation that you have given them another platform to a wealth of spiritual information and upliftment.

Promote it on social media, If you have seen AdSense ads on religion, they are on point.

Church members are ignorant. They will click those ads thinking is prayer point.

One pitfall to avoid, Never talk about morality, that is one topic 90% of church people don't want to hear.

You can lose your audience, So focus on prosperity, good health, financial freedom etc.

You can also use the blog to sell your product eg, audio and video church programmes.

This is written by Mazino Oyolo Kigho of

What do you think? Talk to me in the comment section.
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