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Why I was checking my Entertainment Blogspot blog dashboard this evening, I came across this update from Blogger Buzz saying ''Https support coming to Blogspot'' so I was wondering what this is all about until I clicked it and read it, I know many of you might have seen it too but might not know much about it, so this post should be able to give you more insight into it.

So what is HTTPS ?

''HTTPS'' simply means Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure, when this is enabled on a blog hackers and other internet bad guys find it difficult to steal information or track the activities of the blog author and visitors.

If a blog has this, It will help the visitors in opening the correct address and prevent them from redirecting to another malicious blog that can steal their data, it also helps detect if a bad guy is trying to change any data sent from Blogger to a blog visitor.

At the time of writing this post, this initial rollout won't support all Bloggers users as it's available for only those that are still on the .blogspot domain extension, it will be available for custom domain as time goes on.

So its now available for those users that wan't to try it at this early stage and are still using the .blogspot domain extension.

How Can I Know That My Blog Is HTTPS Enabled?

When you type in your blog address into your browser the HTTPS will appear before the www as seen in the picture below but if the website or blog is not HTTPS enabled, the address will start from www or HTTP the domain name will then follow.
 If HTTPS is enabled, the address will look like the one in the photo below.

How Can I Enable HTTPS On My Blogger Blog?

Log into your Blogger dashboard, click on the blog you want to enable HTTPS on.

===>Click on Settings then Basic scroll down and you will see ''HTTPS settings'' and select ''Yes'' to try it out.

Once HTTPS is enabled on your blogspot blog, the blog can be accessed over HTTP or HTTPS.

Blogger Buzz also said that if you choose to encrypt at this time, some of the current functionality of your blog may not work over HTTPS. This can be a result of template, gadgets, and blog post content, and is often caused by mixed content errors, some of which may be fixable by the author themselves.

There is also a video attached to this announcement, you can watch the video here.

Since this is still in the test state, I shall not be held responsible for anything that happens to your blog.


I hope this helps.

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