Enter For VoguePay Video Testimonial Contest And Win Big

VoguePay, Technology, Online Business, Enter For VoguePay Video Testimonial Contest And Win Big
VoguePay: Nigeria's largest payment processor gives buyers and sellers a easy and secure platform for them to transact their business online, VoguePay allows website owners to receive money on their websites without any set up fee.

VoguePay distinguishes itself from other online payment processors with its array of features that are guided by its core values which are
- Security
- User Friendliness
- Reliability

I personally use VoguePay when am buying domains for clients and personal use.

You can go to www.voguepay.com to sign up and enjoy their services.

As a payment processor that has their customer at heart, they have organised a contest to reward their passionate customers.

Here is how to enter for the contest.

1. Use your mobile phone or any camera device to record yourself giving your testimony about VoguePay.

2. Upload it on Youtube and enter for the contest on VoguePay website.

3. Share your video on social network websites to get votes.

Prizes to be won

1st price - N100,000 + enjoy 0% transaction fee for 1 week)

2nd price - N75,000 + enjoy 0% transaction fee for 1 week

3rd price - N50,000 + enjoy 0% transaction fee for 1 week

Consolation Prizes - Every entry will enjoy 0% transaction fee for 1 week

Submission of entries start on 25th November and ends on 4th December.

Winners will be announced on 18th December, 2015 (based on Judges’ decision after verification of all entries)

Read full details and enter the contest here

There you have it.

Enter for the contest and win big, wishing you goodluck and let me know when you have signed up for it.

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  1. Fluke contest...just incase you wanna know, give me a link to give you a screenshot. If its an anomalies of the system, then all the votes are flukes too, they are all anomalies..

    1. Thank you for your comment, kindly send me a mail using the contact page, once I reply you will send me the screenshot.



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