How To Add Multiple Accounts On Instagram

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Do you manage several Instagram accounts and never liked the idea of carrying 1 to 3 phones along? Your night mare is over as Instagram has rolled out a new feature which allows you to switch your IG accounts at anytime.

Its very simple to do, since I came across it my Instagram game has stepped up as I created another Instagram account today for my entertainment blog.

I was thinking of buying another phone for Instagram before but since I found this post on, the money will be saved for another thing.

How can I switch Instagram account on one Instagram App?

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First, launch your Instagram app and go to your profile and click on the 3 dotted lines by far right corner as seen in the picture below.

Now you're on the "Options" page, scroll down and click on "Add Account"  as pictured below.

After clicking "Add Account" as I explained above, this page below will open.

Put in your login details or you can sign up for a new Instagram account.

To switch between the two account, return to your profile by clicking on your profile picture as seen below.

Now, you will see a small triangle by the left hand side of the app showing the account you're logged in. Click it and you will see a drop down menu of the accounts you're logged in, select the account you want to log in.

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