Top 7 ATM Card Safety Tips You Should Know

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Today on my blog, I will be sharing with you top 7 safety tips on how you can use your Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card for online and offline transactions.

Follow me as I lead you.

1. Keep your PIN Secret:  DO NOT write your Personal Identification Number (PIN) on paper or give it out to anyone, including friends and family, and do not reveal it to anyone over the phone. Avoid using numbers that are easily identified (birth date, phone number, etc.) with your personal identity. Report lost or stolen cards immediately to your bank.

2. Review your card account frequently: If you notice any irregularities e.g. charges on items you didn’t order, cash withdrawals you didn’t make, etc. Put a call to your  bank immediately to report this.

3. Always check your email for transaction updates: The email notification service is free and compulsory for the safety of your account. To enroll for this service visit your bank branch near you.

4. Hotlist immediately: If your card is retracted at an ATM, be sure to hotlist your card while you are still at the ATM. To hotlist your card, kindly send ‘HOTLIST<NUBAN>’ to 08076665555 for Gtbank.

5. Keep your eye on your card: Ensure your card is in your clear view whenever an attendant at a shop wants to swipe your card. DO NOT allow the attendant take your card into an inner room or enter your PIN on your behalf.

6. Free Trials are not ‘free’. If you initiate a trial subscription with a merchant, make sure you go back to the website to cancel your account before your free trial expires. Otherwise, you will be charged by them in subsequent months.

7. Carefully Read the Terms and Conditions when making reservations as some reservations are non-refundable. Make sure you cancel your reservation on or before the due date to prevent no-show charges if you do not show up.

If you follow this tips very well, you won't have issues using your ATM card and the complains to the banks will stop.

I remember how some people do say, I will never use the ATM because banks do deduct one's money through it. In my subsequent post, I will write the customer care lines of all the banks in Nigeria so that you can call your bank once you have an issue.

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