You Can Now Send Documents In Any Format On Whastapp

Your favourite messaging app, Whatsapp has just added a new feature to its numerous features that will make you enjoy sending and receiving messages.

Whatsapp just rolled out a new feature which enables you to send and receive documents in PDF format. It was not possible before as you could only send photos, video, audio, location and contact.

Julius Gbenga, A friend of mine on Facebook contacted me saying its possible to send PDF files on Whatsapp so I checked mine and I didn't see the feature so I had to update it to see the send Document feature on my whatsapp app. If you send a file to a contact and the person's whatsapp is not up to date, you will be notified that the person can't receive it unless he or she update the app.

With this new feature you can easily share PDF files like eBooks easily unlike before that one will have to send through email.

Have you seen the new feature on your whatsapp? If not update it and tell me how you feel using it.

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  1. Wow! I just check it now and its there. Nice work Jacob.


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