How To Set Up Facebook Page Response Assistant

While going through my Facebook Page recently, I observed that my response rate to messages was 0% and Facebook suggested that I should respond to messages faster so that the badge can be turned on.

I then walked round my page looking for a way I can improve on my response rate and I came about this Response Assistant.

What can Response Assistant do for you on your page? Well, it improve the experience and reduce the wait time your fans go through.

Features of Response Assistant.

Messenger Greeting: Automatically welcome people to your page with a customized message.

Instant Replies: Create an automatic response people receive when they message your Page.

Away Messages: Create a message to let people know they've reached you outside of your business hours.

Am sure you like this, lets now learn how to implement it our Facebook pages.

Go to your Page Settings and Click on Messaging Tab below the General Tab and you will see the Messaging Settings.

On default, the settings are set on No, Click on Yes to enable it and you will also see an option to Customize your message, click on Change to customize it.

Below is how I customized mine.

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