My Free Domain Giveway

After the #DomainkingNGRocks contest winners were announced, I promised that I will be given out a domain name to one of my friends on Facebook that supported me very well during the contest and was in need of a domain name to take his or her blogging journey to the next level.
See the post below...

Well, I have concluded my findings, You all know I can't reward everybody that supported me during the contest so I will choose just one among many that were behind me during the contest.

The 100% cashback is N5000 only, I received the sum in my Domainking account on Monday, so I will be using it buy a dot com domain for the lucky winner this week.

It's no other person but my friend on Facebook by the name Odey Odey, I wanted to buy a domain name for him since last year when I noticed his hard work but could not due to some issues I was having.

I will buy the domain and help him to integrate it on his Blogger Blog free of charge for him.

If you were expecting this from me and I didn't choose you, Please don't loose hope, continue working hard, I might just notice you one day and buy a domain for you too.

And keep visiting my blog or my entertainment blog as I have many freebies coming your way this year.

Happy New Year friends!


  1. Congratulations to you Odey. I work at JTownConnect Nigeria

  2. Thank you very much Jacob Akpene, I appreciate this a lot. I never expected this... It's a big gift for me and it would definitely take my blogging career to the next level. Once again I say a big THANK YOU !!!!

  3. Hello! Please help me with Google Adssense alternative ads network that you know, real list so that I can try some on my blog now am using Advertopia thank you,


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