How To Watermark Your Photos Using PicsArt App

Recently, I had an issue with a female blogger which I will not reveal her name, she took one of my images, removed the watermark and posted it on her blog, In other to prevent such to happen again, I learnt the best way to watermark photos and stop people from stealing them.
Other bloggers and website owners keeps taking your photos without properly crediting you and you feel bad about it? Worry, no more as today, I will be sharing with you a simple way to watermark your photos.

Ever since, I started using this method to watermark my photos, other bloggers do copy me without crediting me but I don't bother again as my blog name is written clearly on the photos and someone don't need to tell you before you know that the photos were lifted from my blog.

With PicsArt on your android phone, you can easily watermark your photos and use them in your blog posts, photos you can watermark are those photos you took using your phone camera or eyewitnesses sent to you not that you go online and pick images and start putting watermarks on them.

Now go to Google Play Store and install PicsArt.

Launch it, you will see and click on the + icon as seen below.

Click on "Edit" to choose a picture and make some changes to it, "Collage" to make photo collage, "Draw" to draw on your photos and "Camera" to use your phone camera to snap and make changes to it. But for the purpose of this tutorial, let's use the "Edit" feature.
After clicking on "Edit", pictures in your Gallery will pop up, choose a photo you wish to work on.

For this tutorial, we will be using this photo below...
Now to watermark the photo, slide left and Click on "Add Photo" and choose a photo you wish to use. Or click on ''Text'' to use text if you don't have a good transparent design for watermark.
You can add or reduce the Opacity of the image you're using as watermark, crop it, move it up and down or make more changes to it.
When you are done, save your changes,
And finally save your work by clicking on Gallery.
That's how to watermark your photos using Picsart, I hope you find the tutorial useful?

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