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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

My Free Domain Giveway

After the #DomainkingNGRocks contest winners were announced, I promised that I will be given out a domain name to one of my friends on Facebook that supported me very well during the contest and was in need of a domain name to take his or her blogging journey to the next level.
See the post below...

Well, I have concluded my findings, You all know I can't reward everybody that supported me during the contest so I will choose just one among many that were behind me during the contest.

The 100% cashback is N5000 only, I received the sum in my Domainking account on Monday, so I will be using it buy a dot com domain for the lucky winner this week.

It's no other person but my friend on Facebook by the name Odey Odey, I wanted to buy a domain name for him since last year when I noticed his hard work but could not due to some issues I was having.

I will buy the domain and help him to integrate it on his Blogger Blog free of charge for him.

If you were expecting this from me and I didn't choose you, Please don't loose hope, continue working hard, I might just notice you one day and buy a domain for you too.

And keep visiting my blog or my entertainment blog as I have many freebies coming your way this year.

Happy New Year friends!
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Monday, 12 December 2016

My Experience With

Today, I will be sharing my experience with, the domain registrar I buy all my domains from.

Before I proceed, let's know what Domainking is all about. Domainking is the world leading domain registrar accredited with Asian and African registries to sell domains ranging from .com, ng, .info, .biz, extensions.

Domainking does not only sell domains, they are also into Web Hosting and Wordpress Blog Hosting, Domainking started business in Nigeria late 2014 and to create awareness about their brand, they gave bloggers and website designers the opportunity to buy .com domains for N499 for a period of two months.

It was during this .com domain for N499 promo that I came about Domainking on Ogbongeblog, I quickly rushed and bought at that rate and I linked it to my entertainment blog.

That was the beginning of my good time with Domainking, after my first domain with them a female blogger and a close friend contacted me to buy a domain for her I still bought it on Domainking due to their service and good customer relationship am enjoying.

As a company that holds it's customer with high esteem, at the beginning of 2015 Domainking organised a contest for bloggers which was tagged ''DomainKing.NG Lucky Blogger Contest'', I participated in the contest and I won the third prize which I announced on my blog here.

Below are the things that got me attracted to

1. Timely customer service: There is not time that you will contact Domainking customer service that they will let you down, for this reason i rate them high.

2. Payment method: Due to the unsteady dollar exchange rate, offers its customers the option of paying in Naira by using their Naira debit cards, bank transfer or bank deposit, features some Nigerian registrars have not adopted.

3.  Domain redirecting: Domainking have also helped me by redirecting my domain to my blog when i could not do it by myself, its very rare for a registrar to do this.

4. Free custom emails: Every domain purchase on comes with two free custom emails.

For your domains and Web Hosting, I recommend

Do you use Domainking, what's your experience with them?  Share with me. 
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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

DomainKing.NG Is Now NIRA Accredited Registrar

DomainKing.NG is now NIRA Accredited Registrar, Domainking, Domains, Technology,
Domainking.NG, the world leading domain registrar is now a NIRA accredited registrar, NIRA means Nigeria Internet Registration Association, It is the registry for .ng Internet Domain Names and maintains the database of names registered in the .ng country code Top Level Domain.

With this Domainking will now be able to offer you even more control and better prices than before for Nigerian domains i.e. .COM.NG, .NG and other domains that end with .NG like:,,,, etc.

Here is a press release from the company....


With the holidays approaching & everyone in a festive mood, we are also celebrating at DomainKing with our newest Government Accreditation.

We are delighted to announce to you that we are now Fully Accredited by NIRA(.NG Domain Registry) for selling .NG Domains. With this we will now be able to offer you even more contol and better prices than before for Nigerian domains i.e. .COM.NG, .NG and other domains that end with .NG like:,,,, etc.

This also comes as a part of our motto to offer complete control & best support to our customers at lowest costs. And we felt that were unable to do more in some cases in the past, just because we were not an accredited Registrar with NIRA.

Over the past months, our team has been working hard to complete this accreditation. We have already integrated everything needed to connect with the Nigerian Registry. So you can go ahead and Register your .NG domain right away.

If you have any query regarding this or any of our products in general then feel free to contact us anytime.

And don't forget to share this news with your friends and followers.

P.S. We are also working on adding many new products like Reseller Hosting, VPS etc. to our website in the coming weeks. So we are really looking forward to many more exciting things happening at DomainKing in the future.
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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Get .COM.NG Domain For Just 1350 On Domainking

Domains, Domainking, Get .COM.NG Domain For Just 1350 On Domainking
World leading domain registrar DomainKing accredited with Asian and African registries which started business in Nigeria late 2014 gave Nigerians reasons to smile while buying domains and hosting WordPress websites.

Upon starting business in Nigeria, the domain registrar gave Nigerians the opportunity to buy .Com domains for as low as N499, the offer was valid for 2 months which am sure many people including bloggers, website designers and more benefited form it.

We were still in the happy mood of buying .Com domains at N499 when Domainksing.NG teamed up with The Nigerian Blog Awards to give us with The Domainking Lucky Blogger Contest which I also participated and won the 1st Goodie Bag.

As a company that loves Nigerians, Domainking is celebrating with us by offering us some mouth watering offers during this our 55th Independence Day Celebration.

So What Did Domainking Have For Us?

Discount of N350 on .NG domains

DomainKing is offering N350 discount on .COM.NG domain registration orders, All new and existing customers are eligible for this offer and can buy as many .COM.NG domains as they want.

Just use the coupon code DKNG350OFF during check out, This coupon is valid only for .COM.NG domains and it runs till 31st October 2015.

So hurry and grab the offer now before it goes back to the regular N1700 per domain.

Go to to get started.

Upto 30% OFF on Web Hosting:

You can also get Upto 30% OFF on Web Hosting plans for the month of October on DomainKing, you don't need any coupon code for this offer. Go to Domainking Web Hosting Page and choose any plan that suits your needs and the discount will be added automatically to your cart during check out.

This offer is only valid till 31st October, 2015. So Hurry!

Note: This offer is valid only on new hosting orders and for the 1st year only.

Have you ordered for your .COM.NG domain? If no, hurry now.

Happy Independence Day celebration my fellow Nigerians.

I hope this helps.

Kindly share this post with your friends and is there anything I didn't include in this post, Kindly let me know through the comment box.
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