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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Difference Between Ponzi Scheme And Network Marketing

The truth is both Ponzi and Network Marketing are Pyramid Schemes.

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

A Pyramid Scheme is a business model which involves one person recruiting two or more persons and those persons recruiting more people under the promise of bonuses and commission.
A Ponzi Scheme  has a pyramidal structure without any Products or Services while Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing also has a pyramidal structure but with Products or Services.

Similarities between them is that to Sign up or Join the platform, you have to pay a particular sum of money and you also need to recruit people to get to another level.

As a marketer who wants to advertise products/services for a company or bring in more people, I see no reason why I should be the one to pay before working for or with them.

In both Business Model from my observation, Only about 90% are successful and the source of their money  is from the newly recruited ones and those who are not able to recruit at all.

The 90% are the ones you see driving exotic cars,Going on Holidays abroad, Building mansions etc.

Most of them don't even buy the products or use them at all.

This is called paying Peter with Paul's money.

MLM disguises under sales of products but I can categorically tell you that when you get into the system you can only survive by recruiting people.

MLM and Ponzi is also full of deceit as they promise you Heaven and Earth under the pretence of wanting to change the story of your life but at the end of the day you would realise you are only wasting your precious time, money and energy.

If any of them tells you, you don't need to recruit, my dear, run for your life.

Most MLM Company's sells health products and in as much as some of this products work, they are way too expensive.

The time you waste on both business models could be channeled into your personal Brand.

I know of other Good Networks sha oh.

Examples are Computer Network, Road Network, Plumbing Network, Electric Network, Network of Friends and Families, Business Network etc.

Stop looking for fast money. Go and learn a skill, offer services, get a job, or go into trading.


Written by Buhari Oyeleke Abdul-Raheem, He is the CEO Mubdah Technologies, the funding company of Fashioniyah and other E-commerce brands.
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Sunday, 11 September 2016

How Pastors Can Increase Their Income In The Current Economic Recession By Blogging

Today on my blog, I will be sharing with you how you as a pastor or an aspiring one can start a blog and make money from it during this time of economic recession.

You will learn how to title your post, monetize it and promote it on Social media.

Follow me below...

Due to the massive retrenchment in the country and economic recession still looming, it is pertinent to a conclusion that church goers are also getting a bite of the dwindling economic.

In view of this, their financial quota to the church may decline. Hence, the income of the pastor may have ascending hindrance

How can this new development be managed to negate the current alarming state of the country?

Well, the solution still remains diversification of income.

For example, a pastor with physical 3000 members can turn them into 3000 online active members.  

What do I mean?

1. Create a church blog or personal blog eg Remember content is the key.

2. You already have the traffic, Get an adsense account, Place on the blog. Most pastors have psychological intelligence.

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3. They want people want to hear, For example, jambite need admission Unemployed needs jobs, frustrated single ladies need a husband, A sick man need good health. Many people want to be rich either by miracle or otherwise.

4. So the blog content should be in the format below.

1st Blog post: 2016 a year of unprecedented riches - Claim it here

After that, the post can have all the jargons with relevant keep words

2nd Post title: Reasons why you are still single - God's revelation

3rd Post title: Your Jamb reg number will be your admission number - claim it here.

Just those type of titles and then your content are theologically fit.

After that, on Sunday or midweek service, Announce the launch of your blog.

Tell your congregation that you have given them another platform to a wealth of spiritual information and upliftment.

Promote it on social media, If you have seen AdSense ads on religion, they are on point.

Church members are ignorant. They will click those ads thinking is prayer point.

One pitfall to avoid, Never talk about morality, that is one topic 90% of church people don't want to hear.

You can lose your audience, So focus on prosperity, good health, financial freedom etc.

You can also use the blog to sell your product eg, audio and video church programmes.

This is written by Mazino Oyolo Kigho of

What do you think? Talk to me in the comment section.
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Friday, 15 July 2016

3 Unique Ways To Make Money Online

This is a guest post written by Theodore Nwangene, it's not written by me.

I see a lot of folks who want to make money online and as such went ahead and created a blog in other to make their dreams of making money online come through. Well, fine. But let me tell you quickly, making money online is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Trust me it takes time and it’s not as easy as some so called online gurus go about preaching it.

Truth is to make money online, you should be ready to work on your computer over endless cups of coffee and wear a learning attitude.

If you have been under the notion that it's easy to make money over the net, you are wrong. Cash does come, but after you put in some hard efforts in being consistent writing and promoting your stuff over social media. So, gear up, guys; you are about to become rich!

So what are my 3 unique ways to make money online? Here you go;

1. How About Creating a Business?

The mistake most people starting a blog make is the fact that they started their online blogs with the wrong intention of making money online.

While that is good, they fail to realize that blogging isn’t just fun or something, it is rather more about doing business and to really make money from your blogging endeavor you must learn to tackle blogging with a business mind.

Remember, online business is different from brick and mortar shops in the sense that the former remains open 24x7. Besides, you need no extra hand to help you run your business. There is no need of extra office space too. The biggest advantage is you can fix your own working hours.

I once heard of a great entrepreneur who has groomed his business to a 20 staff employee and one day called them and asked them if they could be working from the comfort of their homes. Now, isn’t that interesting? That is someone who’s understood the intricacies of online business.

2. Thought Of Affiliate Marketing?

Wow! Affiliate Marketing is another surefire way of making money online. Don’t ask me why but trust me it’s one of the ways I make money online.

And it seems to me that most people are now opting in on this make money online method. To do this, you will need a theme-based website. You will be paid for promoting products of other companies.

However, check out whether the company you affiliate to is registered and the products or services they sell are related to your site theme. Thereafter, you will get a link from the company either in the form of banner, or text link. You display this link on your site and encourage visitors to click on it. Remember, you will be paid NOT for pasting the link on your site, but for making a sale.

One of the tricks to get target audience for your site is to create interesting articles related to the theme of your site. Paste the URL of your website on each article and post them on various web directories. Once the visitors open your site, they will be tempted to click on the affiliate link too. When they do this, you will make money online!

3. Why Don't You Conduct A Survey?
There are hordes of companies that are looking for smart and enthusiastic individuals to conduct consumer surveys for their businesses. You just need to sign up (which is free) with the particular company and they will send you the survey guidelines via email. Usually, companies pay around $5-$10 for each survey, depending on its time duration – a nice way to make money online.

One of the tricks is to sign up with several companies at the same time. This is because each company generally provides only a few surveys.


There are many more methods to make money online. The above three are the most popular ones. You can also take up content writing, programming, web designing, and other such tasks within the comfort of your home and happily count away the number of dollars you make!

Theodore Nwangene is a Freelance Writer and on a journey to help bloggers and entrepreneurs build a better and profitable blog, increase visibility and boost their online authority. He also writes insanely helpful guides on blogging/marketing at Get his free report on How to Write Kick-Ass Blog Posts That Will Always Swoon Your Readers

DISCLAIMER: These are views of the writer not mine.
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