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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Register A Domain From N499 And Win N250,000 In The #DomainKingNGRocks Contest

Are you a Nigerian blogger, webmaster or an internet marketer? Here is an opportunity for you to win big in the #DomainKingNGRocks contest, a contest organized by Nigeria's leading domain registrar,

As a Domain registrar that cares for its customers, Domainking will be hugely rewarding it's customers this season with a cash prize of N250,000 and other consolation prizes.

Promotion is currently going on on DomainKing website now that allows you to buy domains from N499, so you don't have to break the bank to participate in this contest.

1st PRIZE ₦100K
The winner of the 1st prize will receive the Cash reward of ₦100,000

2nd PRIZE ₦60K
The winner of the 2nd prize will receive the Cash reward of ₦60,000

The winner of the 3rd prize will receive the Cash reward of ₦25,000

10 lucky customers will get upto 100% Cash Backs on the purchases they had made.

Domainking will be announcing the names of the lucky winners on 22nd December 2016 . Any purchase of Domain or hosting service will enter you in the lucky draw to win. So the more you buy during the promotion period, the more chances you have to win! Do keep your eyes on Domainking social media pages for regular updates regarding the giveaways and DomainKing.NG Rocks contest.

How to enter for the Contest.

STEP 1: Buy/Renew Any Service

You can either buy a new Domain name / hosting plan or pay any of your previous invoices to DomainKing.NG before 18th December 2016. Choose your option:

STEP 2: Like Domainking

Don't forget to like & follow Domainking on Social Media so that you will not miss their updates.

STEP 3: Share Your Experience

You need to share this offer on Facebook and Twitter with #DomainKingNGRocks in your posts.

STEP 4: 4. Mention DomainKing Rocks contest on your Blog post, Facebook post & Twitter post.
Eg: "I got my domain _____________ from DomainKing.NG. #DomainKingNGRocks
I am participating in DomainKing.NG Rocks Contest to Win N250,000. Wish Me Luck!Even you can WIN. Enter here:"

This contest will end on the 18th of December 2016 and winners will be announced on 22nd December 2016. So hurry and participate now.

Go to to read more about the contest.

I am also contesting in it, kindly go to my Facebook timeline, like and share all my posts with #DomainKingNGRocks for me to win.

Thanks for reading.
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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Facebook Unveils 7th Data Center, To Be Powered By Renewable Energy

Los Lunas Data Center
Facebook 7th data center was unveiled yesterday in New Mexico USA, it will be powered by renewable energy.

Facebook CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg announced this in a post he made on his Facebook page.

He said:

I'm excited to share that Facebook's 7th data center -- powered by 100% renewable energy -- will be in Los Lunas, New Mexico here in the United States.

Data centers deliver all of Facebook's services to you. They're some of the most complex machines ever created. The Los Lunas Data Center will be one of the most advanced and energy-efficient data centers in the world.

We're glad to be investing in New Mexico, to become part of the Los Lunas community, and to continue building the massive infrastructure that connects our global community.

Facebook data center houses thousands of computer servers, which are networked together and linked to the outside world through fiber optic cables. Every time you share information on Facebook, the servers in these data centers receive the information and distribute it to your network of friends.

Facebook first data center is located in Prineville, Oregon.
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Friday, 9 September 2016

Apple Launches Iphone 7 And 7 Plus With Two Cameras, Water Resistance, See Specs And Price

Iphone 7
On September 7th 2016, the much anticipated Apple Iphone 7 and 7 plus was launched at live event. On the Apple store, the Iphone 7 32GB will cost £599 (N239,600) while the Iphone 7 Plus cost £719.

Below are some interesting facts of Iphone 7:

  1. AirPods – wireless headphones (with a microphone) that have infrared sensors that detect when they’re in your ear and only play then. W1 chip connects the AirPods to your other Apple devices. The batteries last for 5 hours and the AirPods come with a charging case that holds 24 hours of charge.
  2. Water and dust resistant
  3. New camera has optical image stabilisation – 6 element lens with f/1.8 aperture. 60% faster than previous iPhones. The iPhone 7 has a single lens camera; the 7 Plus has a dual lens camera (wide angle and telephoto).
  4. Stereo speakers
  5. Longer battery life: Apple says the 7’s battery will last two hours longer than the 6, and the 7 Plus battery lasts one hour more than the 6 Plus.
  6. Comes in jet black, black, gold, silver, rose gold
  7. Headphones will connect via the Lightning port. A free set comes with with the phone, plus an adaptor for traditional 3.5mm jack headphones
  8. A10 Fusion chip with a 64-bit four core CPU
  9. Storage: 32GB, 128GB, 256GB
  10. Cost: Starts from £599

Iphone 7 Plus

Some of the features of the Iphone 7 plus include:

  1. Storage: 32GB, 128GB and 256GB
  2. 5.5-inch display
  3. Camera with two lenses that are both 12MP, one of which is a wide-angle lens and the other a telephoto one for 10X zoom
  4. Front-facing 7MP camera
  5. Touch sensitive home button with taptic feedback
  6. Longer battery life
  7. Stereo speakers with twice the volume
  8. Five colours, including glossy black, matte black, rose gold, gold and silver
  9. Water and dust resistant
  10. All-new A10 Fusion chip that’s 40 per cent faster than the iPhone 6s
  11. No 3.5mm headphone jack, instead it will shift with Lightning headphones and an adapter
  12. Prices start at £719
  13. Available from September

There you have it, how do you see these devices? Will you be getting any one of them?
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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Stop Whatsapp From Sharing Your Information With Facebook

Ever since popular messaging app, Whatsapp was purchased by Facebook, the new owners have been trying to make it work hand in hand with Facebook.

A new update have been added to the app that will allow the app to share the user information with Facebook.

For you to stop this from happening, follow the tutorial below...

1. Launch the Whatsapp app on your phone.
2. Click on Settings.
3. Click on Account.
4. You will see ''Share My Account''
5. If you read underneath, you will see that all your information on Whatsapp is shared with Facebook.
6. Deselect it to off it.

You have only few days to to this, you will thank me later.

Thank you for reading, what do you think about Whatsapp decision to share users information with Facebook?
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Monday, 15 August 2016

How To Format Text In Whatsapp Chat

World popular messaging app, Whatsapp, has rolled out a new update to its application which allows the users to format text just as it is done in any word processor application.

This feature was originally tested in beta but its now available to Whatsapp Android and iOS apps, Users can now add bold, italics and Strike through in Whatsapp android and iOS app. The Whatsapp formatting codes can also be used online via the WhatsApp Web Client, but the formatting will only appear in the app-based version of the chats.

For you to use this new feature, you will have to download and install the latest Whatsapp version from your mobile phone respective app store.

Below are the new updates:

  • Bold: Add an asterisk (*) before and after the specific words or phrases you want to embolden e.g. *mobilitaria*
  • Italics: Add an underscore (_) before and after your chosen words or phrases e.g. _LasgidiOnline_
  • Strikethrough: Add a tilde (~) before and after the words or phrases you want to strike a line through e.g. ~LasgidiOnline~

You can also additionally apply all the three formats to a word eg *~_LasgidiOnline_~*

Other recent additions include the ability to share photos, images and other files stored on other third party apps – including iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive – with their contacts on WhatsApp. Beyond photos, the app added the ability to send and received PDF files. Once users receive the file they can see an in-line preview.

More so, messages can be ‘starred’, to save them for later, and you can embed a previous text in your reply, like a Quote-Tweet on Twitter, and forward content to other conversations.

How do you see this latest Whatsapp update?

Thanks for reading.
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Sunday, 14 August 2016

4 Reasons Your Blog Is Not Growing

There are so many blogs on the Nigerian media scene today, and the truth is, not all these blogs are getting the expected shares, subscribers, recognition or engagement. Of course, building a blog’s audience does not happen overnight but most times, the reason is simply because the blogger is making wrong moves and they are constantly working against his/her endeavors.

Do you blog? Have you been working hard to build a loyal following for your business, but it's just not happening for you? Jumia travel, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal reveals 4 possible reasons why your blog might not be getting the traffic or the attention they desire.

Your site is poorly branded: Before any visitor starts to explore you blog, he/she must be attracted to it. If your blog is poorly branded, it will be difficult to grow your audience. No one finds a site appealing if it is cluttered, confusing, or visually unattractive. When running a blog, stick to a custom design and have a style guide. People will take you more seriously if you have a professional, consistent design.

You are not Engaging People: Your blog should not be a platform where you only post things for visitors to come and view. It should be engaging. Let your readers know that they can interact with you via the platform as well. The easiest way to engage the people who visit your blog is by replying when people leave comments on your blog.Replying comment also helps you create loyal followers.

You are Not Consistent: A lot of people start blogs and fail to schedule posts regularly. Some people put out 3-4 posts in a week, and then they go a whole month or two without writing as much as 1 post. Doing this discourages your readers and followers, they lose interest and subscribe from your blog or channel, in search of alternatives. If your aim is to have a successful blog with steady growth, you need to keep the content fresh and consistent. If you can only count on publishing one blog post per week, start there. Whatever you do, never set an editorial schedule that relies on more content than you can publish regularly.

You are not taking advantage of social media: No matter how great your content, if you do not share it with others, there is a huge chance that content won't live up to its full potential. Social media is absolutely huge for growing a blog as it allows you to share your content to a wide audience, and also create connections and conversations that you can drive back to your blog posts. To grow a thriving blog you need to be active and engaged on social media. If social media feels overwhelming, try scheduling it.

Written by Nkem Ndem, she's the Tech Writer at Jumia Travel.
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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Twitter’s Blue Tick Badge Verification Now Open To All Users

Social networking website, Twitter which was launched on March 21, 2006 precisely 10 years ago is one among the most used social network around the globe.

Follow me on Twitter: @iamjayboss first lol...

Twitter allows users to send and read short 140-character messages called "tweets". Registered users can read and post tweets, but those who are unregistered can only read them.

In 2009, Twitter introduced the blue tick badge as a means of verifying pages of famous people including celebrities, politicians and so on.

As at today, only 1% of the 310 million active users can boast of it, in the past, Twitter usually contact this famous people or brands for the verification to be carried out.

But today, Twitter is announcing that anyone whose account is of public interest can get his or her page verified so far you a valid email address, verified phone number, a profile photo plus a header photo, birthday, website, bio and public tweets can fill the verification request form on the company’s support page.

Additional information such as scanning and uploading a legible copy of a government-issued ID and giving reason(s) why the account should be verified may also be requested.

Apart from helping verified users amass multitude of followers and recognizing original accounts, having the blue tick enables features such as filtering mentions, likes and replies notifications to only show the ones from other verified users.

Tina Bhatnagar, Twitter’s vice president of User Services said that the company’s goal is to offer more engaging and informative accounts that the public can follow:

We want to make it even easier for people to find creators and influencers on Twitter so it makes sense for us to let people apply for verification. We hope opening up this application process results in more people finding great, high-quality accounts to follow, and for these creators and influencers to connect with a broader audience.

An email will be sent to the applicant to know whether the request is approved or not. The company stated in a press release that the application process will be available worldwide this week.

Would you love your page to be verified, let's talk in the comment box.
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Saturday, 5 March 2016

You Can Now Send Documents In Any Format On Whastapp

Your favourite messaging app, Whatsapp has just added a new feature to its numerous features that will make you enjoy sending and receiving messages.

Whatsapp just rolled out a new feature which enables you to send and receive documents in PDF format. It was not possible before as you could only send photos, video, audio, location and contact.

Julius Gbenga, A friend of mine on Facebook contacted me saying its possible to send PDF files on Whatsapp so I checked mine and I didn't see the feature so I had to update it to see the send Document feature on my whatsapp app. If you send a file to a contact and the person's whatsapp is not up to date, you will be notified that the person can't receive it unless he or she update the app.

With this new feature you can easily share PDF files like eBooks easily unlike before that one will have to send through email.

Have you seen the new feature on your whatsapp? If not update it and tell me how you feel using it.

Thanks for reading my blog.
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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

How To Transfer And Manage Files Without iTunes Restriction On iOS

Transfer And Manage 8 Types Of Files Without iTunes Restriction On iOS, iOS, Apple, Technology,
This is a sponsored post, It is not written by me.

You can easily transfer files on your iPhone, iPad and iPod to PC for free. Simply connect your device with PC and all the rest can be done within several clicks.

Checkout Features of the Software below..

  • Manage 8 types of files: Contacts, Notes, Calendar, APP, Video, Bookmark, Photo and Music.
  • Directly add items to iOS devices.
  • Detect & delete duplicates or unwanted items.
  • Export or transfer files from iDevice to your computer.
  • One click to merge duplicate contacts into one.

Optimize iOS System for Top Performance

This iOS tune-up software can maximize your iOS device's performance.

  • One-stop Tune-up option to boost your device for top performance with 1-click.
  • Let you run more apps and games by removing unneeded files and reclaiming more space.
  • Terminate all background running apps so as to free up system recourse and fix "battery drain".
  • Stabilize your iOS system by removing useless files.
  • Fix all errors that junk files bring, such as freezes and crashes.
  • Fix an oversized "Other" Category in iTunes.

Slim down Your iOS Device and Free up Space

Tenorshare Free iPhone Care, an iOS system cleaner, helps you to slim down your iDevice and get more storage on your iDevice by removing junk files.

  • Delete useless files. Check if your iOS is healthy and delete all junk files such as temporary files, caches, cookies, off-line files and discarded files.
  • Give you more space to store data: A routine clean will help you reclaim up to 60% storage space, a big deal to small capacity (8GB/16GB) devices if they are to store more music, photos, apps, etc.

Fid more deatils here:
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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

DomainKing.NG Is Now NIRA Accredited Registrar

DomainKing.NG is now NIRA Accredited Registrar, Domainking, Domains, Technology,
Domainking.NG, the world leading domain registrar is now a NIRA accredited registrar, NIRA means Nigeria Internet Registration Association, It is the registry for .ng Internet Domain Names and maintains the database of names registered in the .ng country code Top Level Domain.

With this Domainking will now be able to offer you even more control and better prices than before for Nigerian domains i.e. .COM.NG, .NG and other domains that end with .NG like:,,,, etc.

Here is a press release from the company....


With the holidays approaching & everyone in a festive mood, we are also celebrating at DomainKing with our newest Government Accreditation.

We are delighted to announce to you that we are now Fully Accredited by NIRA(.NG Domain Registry) for selling .NG Domains. With this we will now be able to offer you even more contol and better prices than before for Nigerian domains i.e. .COM.NG, .NG and other domains that end with .NG like:,,,, etc.

This also comes as a part of our motto to offer complete control & best support to our customers at lowest costs. And we felt that were unable to do more in some cases in the past, just because we were not an accredited Registrar with NIRA.

Over the past months, our team has been working hard to complete this accreditation. We have already integrated everything needed to connect with the Nigerian Registry. So you can go ahead and Register your .NG domain right away.

If you have any query regarding this or any of our products in general then feel free to contact us anytime.

And don't forget to share this news with your friends and followers.

P.S. We are also working on adding many new products like Reseller Hosting, VPS etc. to our website in the coming weeks. So we are really looking forward to many more exciting things happening at DomainKing in the future.
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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Enter For VoguePay Video Testimonial Contest And Win Big

VoguePay, Technology, Online Business, Enter For VoguePay Video Testimonial Contest And Win Big
VoguePay: Nigeria's largest payment processor gives buyers and sellers a easy and secure platform for them to transact their business online, VoguePay allows website owners to receive money on their websites without any set up fee.

VoguePay distinguishes itself from other online payment processors with its array of features that are guided by its core values which are
- Security
- User Friendliness
- Reliability

I personally use VoguePay when am buying domains for clients and personal use.

You can go to to sign up and enjoy their services.

As a payment processor that has their customer at heart, they have organised a contest to reward their passionate customers.

Here is how to enter for the contest.

1. Use your mobile phone or any camera device to record yourself giving your testimony about VoguePay.

2. Upload it on Youtube and enter for the contest on VoguePay website.

3. Share your video on social network websites to get votes.

Prizes to be won

1st price - N100,000 + enjoy 0% transaction fee for 1 week)

2nd price - N75,000 + enjoy 0% transaction fee for 1 week

3rd price - N50,000 + enjoy 0% transaction fee for 1 week

Consolation Prizes - Every entry will enjoy 0% transaction fee for 1 week

Submission of entries start on 25th November and ends on 4th December.

Winners will be announced on 18th December, 2015 (based on Judges’ decision after verification of all entries)

Read full details and enter the contest here

There you have it.

Enter for the contest and win big, wishing you goodluck and let me know when you have signed up for it.

Remember to share the post with your friends and subscribe to the blog.

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Glo Launches 1000 For 1.2GB Data Plan

Glo Launches 1000 For 1.2GB Data Plan,Glo, Technology, Network,
Globacom Nigeria is back with another data plan that will make it's subscribers smile once again, this data plan is for everybody that can't take the risk of tweaking their devices to enjoy browsing on their devices.

This data plan is capped at 1200mb (1.2gb) for just #1000 only, it works on any device and can be used anytime of the day.

How Can I Subscribe To It?

Dial *777# and choose this plan.

If you have any difficulty while subscribing, you can dial *777#, enter 1, after that choose 1 again, then press 2, and lastly, choose 1.

Enjoy it while it last.

It's quite amazing how major telecom operators has been reducing their data costs, I was still enjoying my Glo BIS when Airtel introduced 100 for 1GB weekend plan and now Glo is here with 1000 for 1.2GB.

The good times are here.

See the Current Glo Data plans for 2015 below....

The data plans are as stated on Globacom website.

Data Packs
 Daily Plans
 Weekly Plans
 Monthly Plans

Is there  anything you think I missed in this post, kindly tell me in the comment box and don't forget to subscribe to my blog.

Thanks for reading.
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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Airtel Introduces N100 For 1GB Weekend Data Plan

Airtel Introduces N100 For 1GB Weekend Data Plan, Airtel, Technology, Network,
For its customers to enjoy weekend browsing, Airtel Nigeria has rolled out a weekend data bundle for its subscribers.

The weekend data bundle is capped at 1024MB (1GB) for just N1OO only, it can be used only on weekends (Friday - Sunday).

To Activate: Dial *474*1#
To Check Data Balance: Dial *140#.

This is not a cheat so you don't have to change anything on your phone for it to work, enjoy it while it last.

Subscribe to my blog to receive all my latest posts.

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

HTTPS Support Coming To Blogger

HTTPS Support Coming To Blogger, Blogger, Technology,
Why I was checking my Entertainment Blogspot blog dashboard this evening, I came across this update from Blogger Buzz saying ''Https support coming to Blogspot'' so I was wondering what this is all about until I clicked it and read it, I know many of you might have seen it too but might not know much about it, so this post should be able to give you more insight into it.

So what is HTTPS ?

''HTTPS'' simply means Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure, when this is enabled on a blog hackers and other internet bad guys find it difficult to steal information or track the activities of the blog author and visitors.

If a blog has this, It will help the visitors in opening the correct address and prevent them from redirecting to another malicious blog that can steal their data, it also helps detect if a bad guy is trying to change any data sent from Blogger to a blog visitor.

At the time of writing this post, this initial rollout won't support all Bloggers users as it's available for only those that are still on the .blogspot domain extension, it will be available for custom domain as time goes on.

So its now available for those users that wan't to try it at this early stage and are still using the .blogspot domain extension.

How Can I Know That My Blog Is HTTPS Enabled?

When you type in your blog address into your browser the HTTPS will appear before the www as seen in the picture below but if the website or blog is not HTTPS enabled, the address will start from www or HTTP the domain name will then follow.
 If HTTPS is enabled, the address will look like the one in the photo below.

How Can I Enable HTTPS On My Blogger Blog?

Log into your Blogger dashboard, click on the blog you want to enable HTTPS on.

===>Click on Settings then Basic scroll down and you will see ''HTTPS settings'' and select ''Yes'' to try it out.

Once HTTPS is enabled on your blogspot blog, the blog can be accessed over HTTP or HTTPS.

Blogger Buzz also said that if you choose to encrypt at this time, some of the current functionality of your blog may not work over HTTPS. This can be a result of template, gadgets, and blog post content, and is often caused by mixed content errors, some of which may be fixable by the author themselves.

There is also a video attached to this announcement, you can watch the video here.

Since this is still in the test state, I shall not be held responsible for anything that happens to your blog.


I hope this helps.

Please share this post with your friends and remember to contribute to the post with your comments.
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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Why WhatsApp Don't Sell Ads?

Technology, Apps, Whatsapp,  Phones,
 I know that many of you will be wondering like me why Whatsapp don't sell ads with their large number of users, before we talk more about it, Lets  know what it is called WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Messenger is a mobile messaging app which allows users to send and receive text messages, images, video and audio media messages without having to pay additional charges other than your internet connection.

WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and Nokia, It was launched in 2009 by two former employees of Yahoo, Brian Acton and Jan Koum.

In January 2015, WhatsApp was the most globally popular messaging app with more than 600 million active users.In April 2015, WhatsApp reached 800 million active users.

On February 19, 2014, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook for approximately $16 billion USD.

Late January 2015, Koum in a facebook post explained how users can be able to use WhatsApp on their web browsers....

"Our web client is simply an extension of your phone: the web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device—this means all of your messages still live on your phone".
How the WhatsApp web client looks like

Below is a blog post on Whatsapp blog which explains Why WhatsApp Dont Sell Ads, after reading this, am sure it will end your curiosity.

Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.
– Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Brian and I spent a combined 20 years at Yahoo!, working hard to keep the site working. And yes, working hard to sell ads, because that's what Yahoo! did. It gathered data and it served pages and it sold ads.

We watched Yahoo! get eclipsed in size and reach by Google... a more efficient and more profitable ad seller. They knew what you were searching for, so they could gather your data more efficiently and sell better ads.

These days companies know literally everything about you, your friends, your interests, and they use it all to sell ads.

When we sat down to start our own thing together three years ago we wanted to make something that wasn't just another ad clearinghouse. We wanted to spend our time building a service people wanted to use because it worked and saved them money and made their lives better in a small way. We knew that we could charge people directly if we could do all those things. We knew we could do what most people aim to do every day: avoid ads.

No one wakes up excited to see more advertising, no one goes to sleep thinking about the ads they'll see tomorrow. We know people go to sleep excited about who they chatted with that day (and disappointed about who they didn't). We want WhatsApp to be the product that keeps you awake... and that you reach for in the morning. No one jumps up from a nap and runs to see an advertisement.

Advertising isn't just the disruption of aesthetics, the insults to your intelligence and the interruption of your train of thought. At every company that sells ads, a significant portion of their engineering team spends their day tuning data mining, writing better code to collect all your personal data, upgrading the servers that hold all the data and making sure it's all being logged and collated and sliced and packaged and shipped out... And at the end of the day the result of it all is a slightly different advertising banner in your browser or on your mobile screen.

Remember, when advertising is involved you the user are the product.

At WhatsApp, our engineers spend all their time fixing bugs, adding new features and ironing out all the little intricacies in our task of bringing rich, affordable, reliable messaging to every phone in the world. That's our product and that's our passion. Your data isn't even in the picture. We are simply not interested in any of it.

When people ask us why we charge for WhatsApp, we say "Have you considered the alternative?"

You can download Whatsapp from for your mobile phones and tablets.
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015 Alternative To Linkwithin And Nrelate

As a blogger I always look out for alternatives to any widget am using on my blog. I don't just look out for alternatives, I look for the ones that will satisfy me and perform better than the current one.

I was using Nrelate on my Entertainment blog to recommend my blog posts before they announced their shutting down last year which made me to revert back to the default blogger related post widget until I changed my template to a custom template and the related posts widget was not working on it.
Engageya, Technology, Blogger,How Tos,

I was left with no other choice but to look for a good related post widget that can make my readers stay longer on my blog and I came about a Related Posts Widget by Jide Ogunsanya of, The related posts widget from Ogbongeblog was good but it only worked on my mobile view so I had to look for a one that will show on my web version then I discovered Linkwithin.
How Ogbongeblog Related Posts Widget showed my posts on the mobile view

Linkwithin was working very well on the web version but it was showing my old posts which I don't like so I had to change it and I came about Engageya, Enageya showed my current posts which I know my readers will be interested in.
How Engageya showed my posts on the web version of my blog

How To Install Engageya Widget....

Go to and fill out all the form as you want your widget to look like, when you are done click on install widget.

A new widow will open as shown below.

Add the widget and move it where you want it to be in your layout, I will advice you to put it below your blog posts.

You can also monitor the performance of your widget by going to

That's all on how to install Engageya Widget on your blog.

NOTE:The quality of recommended stories will improve once Engageya complete crawling of your blog. This may take up to several hours, depending on the number of posts on your blog.

Are you using Engageya? If yes, kindly share your experience with us.

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Saturday, 2 May 2015

How To Use Glo Bis On Android And PC

Disclaimer:Remember to back up your IMEI before doing this as I won't be held responsible for anything that happens to your device after you change your IMEI number.

Many of my friends and co-bloggers has been asking me how it's possible to use Glo Bis on Android smart phones.

Well, this is possible if you can tweak your Android's smart phone IMEI number to that of blackberry, this is simply done using Mobile Uncle or MTK Engineering app. 

Install mobile uncle or MTK engineering app from google playstore. After you have installed the app, look for a blackberry phone and write the IMEI number somewhere because you will be needing it later on. Make sure the blackberry IMEI number you want to use glo sim card will not be used inside at all.
Technology, Phones, Android, Network, Glo, How Tos, How To Use Glo Bis On Android And PC,
Launch the app as seen in the picture above.
Click on Engineer Mode (MTK)
Slide your screen to the left to see "Connectivity" under it, click "CDS Information".
Then Radio Information.
You will then see Phone 1 and Phone 2, Phone 1 is the IMEI number of the SIM 1 while Phone 2 is the IMEI number of SIM 2. But in this article we will be using the SIM click phone 2.
After you press phone 2, you will see your current IMEI number, your phone number and more.
In the space you see AT+, just type E in it, it will bring up some options for you select the second option that has 10 in it.

Now type in your blackberry IMEI number I told you to write it down before, don't copy and paste it as the app will close if you do that. Write it in between the quotes as seen in the image above.

Now, after all that press "Send AT Command".

Type *#06# on your phone to see if your IMEI has been changed, if it did not change you will have to reboot your phone and check it again.

After the IMEI number has been successful changed, Load Glo 1400 on your glo sim card and send Comonth to 777 to activate the Glo Bis on your Android smart phone.

After you have been activated, go to mobile networks on your smart phone to change your APN settings.

You can also use this on your PC by just tethering it.

Now enjoy your browsing with the Glo super fast connection.

Do you have any questions, or you encounter any challenges while doing this?  Let me hear from you in the comment box.

Disclaimer:Remember to back up your IMEI before doing this as I won't be held responsible for anything that happens to your device after you change your IMEI number.
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Friday, 10 April 2015

Welcome To My Blog

Good morning all. I don't normally do this but since its a new blog and i am excited about it, I am using this medium to welcome you to my portal where i will be sharing my experience as a blogger, tips on blogging and online money making methods I have used and are reliable.

Since this blog is still in the beta phase....this is just a testing post.

Expect more from me.
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